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Why does every file has a voice logo in the background?

It is our watermark. We didn't want to lower a quality of previewed music and sound effects so we decided to use voice tags. It is a simple security measure preventing an unlicensed use of our work.


What kinds of payment methods do you accept?

To pay for a product firstly you need to click the PayPal button. Then you will be able to choose between paying via your PayPal account or using your credit card. We decided to set it that way because PayPal is proven, convenient and secure service.


I bought all versions of one music piece because it costed me only 1$ more than a single track. Can I use every variant?

Yes, you can, however only in one project. If you would like to use a version of our track in your other works you need to buy license for every one of them.


I bought five versions of one sound effect because the deal was far more attractive than in case of buying a single effect. Can I use them in multiple projects?

Yes, you can. Period.


How can I download the files I bought?

Just after paying for the files you need to click a „Back to the site” button in the PayPal service and you will be redirected to a download page. However if you accidentaly closed a card in your browsr or had any other problem you can reach your file by clicking a hyperlink name of it on the payment bill we sent you via e-mail. You will be redirected to the player page – there will be a download icon (down aimed arrow) on the right.


How do I search for a specific content?

There are two options. The first is browsing through the categories and manually finding files that meets your needs. The second is using a search engine by typing keywords (working like tags system) or even specific titles. In both ways you can sort files by recency, prices and lenght.


What is the quality of downloaded files?

All sounds on our site are in CD quality - 44,1 kHz, 16 bit, wave format.


If you didn't find an answer for your question here or in „How to Buy” tab don't hesitate to contact us via e-mail! We will gladly resolve your doubts. 

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